Congratulations Class of 2023! Check out our EUS Graduation Celebration Photos!


This spring marks a major milestone for the Class of 2023– Congratulations, Environmental and Urban Studies graduates! Salute to you all for your creativity, perseverance, discipline, and truly amazing senior projects!

These students produced truly remarkable work–everything from town council plays with music, to interdisciplinary research papers, as well as performance and studio art projects thinking about the past, present and future of the natural world. Check out some special moments from the celebration below:


EUS senior Grace Derksen’s senior project, “Mapping Maple Memory” explored the lifetime of local maple trees. This included a combination of textiles, sounds, and physical records of environmental catastrophes stored in their bodies, using intricate coring processes to unveil their stories.

Another EUS senior, Khadija Ghanizada, worked with local surveyors in Kabul, Afghanistan for her research paper, “Food and Waste in Urban Kabul: The Role of the Informal Waste Sector and Climate Change,” which thought intentionally about the way environmental change is delineated along class lines, and the processes that exist or could exist to mitigate or eliminate these barriers to environmental change as a future model for urban centers.  Find a link to this project HERE.

Once again, we want to extend an enthusiastic and heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 2023!!!

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