Congratulations Class of 2024! Photo highlights from the Graduation Celebration

This spring, after so much exploration, changes in direction, and hard work, Environmental and Urban Studies seniors presented (compelling! inspiring!) final projects that they have been working on intensively for months and even years. This impressive milestone marks a major achievement for our seniors, and we would like to congratulate every single one on a job well done! Here are a few pictures and project highlights from the senior celebration below:

EUS senior Moselle Fredericks presented on her project, “Compost Toilet As A Radical Act Of Care? A gentle invitation to deal with our shit.” which considered the ways that waste composting and intimate acts can help guide us on how to have a better relationship with the planet, and by extension, ourselves.

by Moselle Fredericks
the manifesto, embroidered onto hand-dyed patchwork; it appears as a roll of toilet paper










Another project, also very close to home, dealt with the historical legacy and continued protection of the Bard Farm. In her project, “Bard Farm: Putting Down Roots” EUS senior Zola von Krusenstiern argued that the Bard Farm should continue to be supported and promoted, and that it is a important site of educational and agricultural production for this campus and the larger community.

by Zola von Krusenstiern
from “Bard Farm: Putting Down Roots”










Once again, we would like to extend our warmest congratulations to the class of 2024!

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