photo from Times Union, provided by CESH staff

Bard study says Kingston air pollution worsened in 2023 due to wildfire smoke

A new article from the Times Union shared the dire results of a study on Kingston air pollution which showed that it has worsened in recent years.

“In 2023, the number of fine particles polluting Kingston’s air went up for the first time in three years, according to a study by Bard College’s Center for the Environment Sciences and Humanities released on Wednesday.

Bard’s Community Sciences Lab and the city’s Conservation Advisory Council’s Air Quality Subcommittee have worked together since 2020 to monitor Kingston’s air quality. The initiative’s monitoring efforts focus mainly on a regional assessment of air pollution from fine particulate matter, more technically referred to as PM2.5, as measured from the rooftop of the Andy Murphy Neighborhood Center on Broadway.”

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