Bard Campus Station

The Bard campus station (on the roof of Stevenson Library) monitors air temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure, dew point, wind speed, gust speed, wind direction, solar radiation, photosynthetic active radiation, and precipitation, using a HOBO Onset weather station. The station is also equipped with sensors from PurpleAir and QuantAQ which measure particulate matter. See the live data streams below.


The Community Sciences lab continuously monitors particulate matter concentrations and weather conditions to support ongoing air quality research and community science projects. Monitoring stations located on Bard’s campus and across the Hudson River in the city of Kingston, log and transmit data in real-time to publicly available web-based dashboards.

real-time Weather Data

Weather Conditions

Particulate Matter

Taking Community Science on the Road

Follow EUS Associate Professor Eli Dueker as he takes the newly outfitted mobile community science RV Anchor’s Drop on its maiden voyage across the United States this summer. Air quality measurements will be taken at each stop, and every body of water encountered will be Planktoscoped. Stay tuned!