CESH installs new weather station at Poughkeepsie’s Adriance Memorial Library

The Community Sciences Lab has had an exciting year that included expanding on long term projects, as well as developing and planning new projects. One such project is the Hudson Valley Library Air Quality Network, which aims to install Purple Air monitors throughout the Hudson Valley region. These air quality monitors produce data that is immediately available to the public, which helps communities become more aware of public health crises and emergent issues.
CSL staff researchers recently installed a new weather station at Poughkeepsie’s Adriance Memorial Library as part of CESH’s ongoing weather stations project, which seeks to install weather stations throughout the Hudson Valley region. So far, these stations are located at the Bard College Stevenson Library, the Andy Murphy Neighborhood Center in Kingston and, most recently, the Adriance Memorial Library in Poughkeepsie. The weather stations collect weather data on rainfall, barometric pressure, temperature, wind direction, wind speed, and solar radiation.

View the Poughkeepsie current conditions dashboard, featuring current weather and AQI HERE

View the Particulate Matter Historical Dashboard (pm2.5 over time) HERE
Purple Air (pm2.5 and AQI map) HERE

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