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About CESH

CESH puts Bard’s dedication to the environment, science, and social change into practice to support the fair management of our shared natural resources. We solve problems using tools that span academic disciplines. We conduct quantitative research in the natural and social sciences, craft communication, participate in policy making, and bridge academic inquiry with community needs. In doing our work, we strive to shift the understanding of “environment” to include humans and the urban ecosystem. And we recognize that real solutions to environmental issues must acknowledge the barriers that race, class, and gender inequities present to the cultural shifts required to make real change. The contemporary environmental movement has not successfully addressed the key environmental issues that humanity is faced with. Continuing to maintain the environmental status quo will not allow us to adapt in the ways we must to negotiate climate change while also addressing long-term issues including hunger, poverty, and income disparity. The data and insights collected through CESH related projects are applied directly back to communities, with the end goal of addressing and solving environmental problems in real time.


Our research relies on collaborations with community members, including natural, social, and citizen scientists, artists, regulatory agency representatives, municipal leaders, NGO staff members, and generous funders. These collaborators reside and work in communities and academic institutions in the water-rich Hudson Valley, the people-rich New York City area, and other areas across the United States and around the world. The following generous donors and foundations have made this research possible: