Recent Articles from Times Union on Indoor and Outdoor Air Quality

Bard researchers and members of Kingston Air Quality Initiative (KAQI) were recently featured in Times Union articles discussing air quality issues. In the first article, Eli Dueker is interviewed about the need for more local air quality sensors. The article states:

“After three years, KAQI’s report found high air levels of PM 2.5, fine particulate matter that is 2.5 microns or smaller and is especially dangerous to human health because it bypasses many of our body’s defenses. The report found that it often came close to exceeding exposure levels set by the World Health Organization, if not somewhat more lax levels set by the EPA.”

Read the full article HERE.

In the second article, it begins with citing the wildfires over the summer, and the increased interest in air quality concerns for many people. “Until the sky turned orange in June, it was the rare Hudson Valley resident paying much attention to the air quality index. Sure, interested sensitive groups have always followed unhealthy air alerts in the dog days of summer when high temperatures exacerbate a mix of pollutants, but it wasn’t a daily regional obsession. It is now.”

Read the full article HERE.


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