A Short List of Previous Publications

Over the years, the science community at Bard has produced a number of articles regarding relevant broader environmental issues, as well as urgent local community concerns. To explore some of these publications please see the list below, including links to these publications.


“Onshore Wind Speed Modulates Microbial Aerosols along an Urban Waterfront” by M. Elias Dueker, Gregory D. O’Mullan, Joaquín Martínez Martínez, Andrew R. Juhl, and Kathleen C. Weathers

“Single-Indicator Strategies Treat Symptoms, Not Sources of Sewage Contamination, Hampering Water Quality Improvement in Urban Areas” by Gregory D. O’Mullan, Timothy T. Eaton, and M. Elias Dueker

“Culturable bioaerosols along an urban waterfront are primarily associated with coarse particles” by Angel Montero , M. Elias Dueker, and Gregory D. O’Mullan

“Comparison of Bacterial Diversity in Air and Water of a Major Urban Center” by M. Elias Dueker, Shaya French, and Gregory D. O’Mullan

“The biology of fog: results from coastal Maine and Namib Desert reveal common drivers of fog microbial composition” by Sarah E. Evans, M. Elias Dueker, J. Robert Logan, and Kathleen C. Weathers

“Bacteria communities and water quality parameters in riverine water and sediments near wastewater discharges” by Carolina Oliveira de Santana, Pieter Spealman, Daniella Azulai, Mary Reid, M. Elias Dueker, and Gabriel G. Perron

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